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<*> this is the offical jack squad community <*>


what we are is a live journal community where you have to write a dirty story or post a sexi picture of yourself and that is how you are accepted into the community.. if you are accepted you will get the ACCEPTED post and if you are rejected you will get the REJJECTED post... people will vote in the comment section to say if they think your sotry or picture are good enough to join the jack squad.... good luck =)
1984, agnostic, alcohol, aldous huxely, allen ginsberg, alternative tentacles, american beauty, anarchy, antiwar, art, astrology, basketball diaries, beat poets, billy bragg, black panthers, blow, bob marley, bouncing souls, bowling for columbine, bunny wailer, catch 22, catholism, celtic, che guevara, chuck d, clockwork orange, communism, crooklyn, dali, dead kennedys, dead poets society, dead prez, diego rivera, divine comedy, do the right thing, donnie darko, drawing, dropkick murphys, druids, eat the state, elvis costello, emiliano zapata, emma goldman, faeires, film, flogging molly, george orwell, grateful dead, green party, homosexual writers, hot water music, howard zinn, ireland, jack kerouac, james joyce, janis joplin, jello biafra, jerry garcia, jim carroll, jim morrison, jimi hendrix, johnny depp, karl marx, ken kesey, l.frank baum, lawrence ferlinghetti, less than jake, lewis carroll, liberal, liberalism, liberation theology, literature, malcom x, marvin gaye, meditiation, michael mcclure, michael moore, muhammad ali, mumia abu jamal, music, nion, noam chomsky, operation ivy, peace, peganism, peter tosh, photography, pink floyd, poetry, politics, public enemy, pulp fiction, punk rock, quentin tarentino, radiohead, ralph nader, ramones, realism, revolution, revolutionary worker, richard farina, rocky horror picture show, rodney king, rowley, ruben carter, sage francis, seattle, sex, shakespeare, sherman alexie, ska, skateboarding, smoke signals, socialism, sometimes a great notion, spike lee, stars, straight edge, the clash, the communist manifesto, the doors, the prince, the smiths, the velvet underground, the wall, traveling, walt whitman, wayne koestenbaum, wicca, wilco, william blake, william s burroughs, wizard of oz, woody guthrie, writing, zapatista