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I made the colors pretty! now we're just waiting for someone to get a website so we can put up a background picture. these shore are exciting times. ;) and start sending your sexy stories every1 so that we can post them here and make for some interesting reading!


so here is how you can join the TRUE Jack Squad.... okay so you need to email me (janet) - janet_depp@hotmail.com or mer -merryberry14@hotmail.com or zoe -zumpyzoe@hotmail.com... your most wet, hot, sex story and we'll post it here and we'll have other people comment and then we'll vote to see if your story is good enough you be ACCEPTED or REJECTED into the JACK SQUAD... if you are accept your will recieve the ACCEPTED STAMP of approval if you are rejcted you will get the REJECTED STAMP... and you can go try your luck out at hotlikewhoa.. because this is no ordinary "LIVEJOURNAL" community.. we only take the best of the best... so start writing
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